REIKI / Energetic healing

Reconnect to your spirit with healing energy

Reiki / Energetic Healing is a gentle yet powerful holistic method of balancing the person on all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  Various methods are applied both hands on and hands off the body, depending on the individual and what the needs may be on the day.  Modalites with a energetic healing session could include : Reiki  ( Usui style )- which is the Japanese form of energetic healing, Rei - meaning higher power or universal energy, KI - meaning life energy.  Chakra balancing, focusing technique, meridians, Crystals, vibrational healing and guided meditation and sound.


  • Increased inner peace, clarity and growth
  • Promotes a deep state of relaxation
  • Increased vitality and energy levels
  • Releases blocked or suppressed emotions.
  • Increased feeling of connection to oneself.


1.5 hr      -   $ 130

Want to learn how to develop your intuition + learn Reiki

Have  you  had  an  interest  in  developing  your  intuition,  or  to  learn  about  energy  ?  

Would  you  say  that  you  are  a  sensitive  person  that  either  feels  too  much  or  picks  up  on  other  peoples  energies  ?

or  perhaps   you  would  just  like  to  learn  how  to  do  reiki  for  yourself,  family  and  others.

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REIKI + Past life HYPNOsis regression session

Reiki + PAST LIFE Hypno Regression  Session

Has there been a time in your life you wanting to do something in life but perhaps have a complete avoidance behaviour showing up ?  or perhaps even found yourself completely drawn to a particular place or interest in life but not sure why?  or perhaps even an unusual connection with someone without any explanation as to why and want to explore this, then book in for a reiki/past life combo package.  

Together we will explore the issue or area you would like to have explore or have more clarity around, take you through the past life regression hypnotherapy session then finishing up with a balancing, calming, clearing any residual stress around what came up through the session with Reiki / Energetic Healing.


$ 297   we will be working together for 2.5 - 3 hrs