• Fears and phobias
  • Fatigue / insomnia / sleeping patterns
  • Overcome pain and release emotional traumas
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Improve performance in any area of your life
  • Release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Improve Learning challenges or study improvement
  • Unresolved grief / loss
  • Emotional stress release
  • Release sabotaging behaviours
  • release relationship patterns
  • Improve communication / public speaking 
  • reduce allergies and digestive issues
  • + much more


Kinesiology is a simple non-invasive system of bringing about balance in all areas of your life, structurally, biochemically, and emotionally.  By combining principles of Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies, Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a communication tool to assess energy imbalances within the body, then a range of gently yet powerful techniques are applied to create balance within the body's energy/meridian/physical system.

Kinesiology - literally the study of body movement, was developed in the 1960's by Dr George Goodhart, ant combines Western techniques with Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health, since then has developed and now widely accepted into a modality in Natural Therapies with accreditation in various associations.

In the model of kinesiology there is a connection between physical structures such as muscles, bones, hormones, neurology etc: and the energetic structures such as your aura, chakras, meridians etc.  Muscle testing gives the practitioner the ability to assess the stress levels in the physical and energetic structures.  After the source of stress has been identified, muscle testing allows the practitioner to find the underlying emotions that are related to the stress, and to find  your personalised and individual appropriate correction technique to correct the imbalance.  This eliminates the need for guess work, thereby making the corrections very efficient.


Upon your first appointment Meagan will take a health history from you, then will discuss the area that brought you to kinesiology session, all issues that arise in relation to that problem or issue, then have a look at patterns where it may show up in your life, then we will get started on finding the underlying emotions and where the issue has stemmed from.  A kinesiology session may be done either sitting, standing or lying down on a massage table, it is done fully clothed.  After identifying emotions etc, then gentle yet powerful correction techniques will be done to release any blockages you have in relation to the issue within the body's meridian system, bringing about change and balance.  After the corrections and healing has taken place we will then discuss any further home reinforcements that will support you in maintaining the balance and discuss whether any further treatment is required for that issue to be resolved.

Techniques used with a session :

Muscle testing, goal setting, Counselling, Acupressure points, nutrition, manual therapies, energy balancing, Meridian therapy, sound / colour balancing, physical movements, lifestyle changes

How many sessions will I need ?

Depending on the issue / area you are working on and how long and how big an impact on your life will determine how many sessions will be appropriate.  Some clients have only needed 1 session.  Generally I say allow 3 - 4 sessions per issue that you are working on / alternatively we can muscle test your body of how many session will be required to heal the issue.

Fees :

$185    -  per session   1.5 hr

$510    -  3 sessions   ( saving   $45 )


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