Meagan Baker Mind Body Coach

Meagan Baker Mind Body Coach

Meagan Baker Mind Body CoachMeagan Baker Mind Body CoachMeagan Baker Mind Body Coach

Holisitic Therapies for the Mind, Body & Soul

Massage      Kinesiology   Reiki  Hypnotherapy / NLP Coaching

Welcome to your healing journey

 Mind Body Dynamics - (formerly Sacred Energy Senses) founded by Meagan Baker is a Holistic Therapies clinic in Randwick for the Mind, Body & Soul with a difference. Offering a unique blend of treatment/consultations options to suit you and your unique situation. Whether you have physical or emotional pain, experiencing some tough circumstances in your life or simply just unhappy and want some positive changes.  Meagan has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise as a Mind Body Specialist and has for the last 20 years been successfully helping people to deconstruct the old stories of the past, release any physical manifestations in the body and to start living their lives in freedom, creating inner peace and balance. 

Meagan works with:



 Let your body indicate what YOU specifically need to balance the body - Mentally, Physically and Biochemically with Kinesiology  




Release all those aches and pains in the body with a whole body remedial massage. Available in the clinic in Randwick, 

Healthfund Rebates



 Relax and unwind as you sink into deep relaxation connecting with your soul with a Reiki/energetic balance 



 Bridge the gap between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind so that they both work together in a fast and effective way to ensure compliance within all aspects of self for your desired result. 



Have you tried diets, calorie counting, detox programs, exercise programs - perhaps lost weight but found it bounces back as soon as you stop those activities.  Our Weight Release/Healthy Life Program  re-wires the brain and body for the results you want to achieve.





Clear out negative emotions such as: 


 go back and heal the past,  go forward and plant your goals in your future. in timeline regression..  Go back to the 'root cause' of a problem that is blocking you today, and heal it. 





KINESIOLOGY  - Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology

HYPNOTHERAPY  - 3 day Modern Hypnosis certificate



Emotional Detox Program

Weight Release / Healthy Lifestyle

Stress Buster




monthly group hypnosis sessions - working with different areas. such as: anxiety, increased confidence,  abundance


WEIGHT RELEASE .... no diets ....... REPROGRAM your MIND for virtual gastric band procedure.

Have you wanted to loose some weight but felt its just too hard to have the discipline to stop eating those foods you know you shouldn’t be eating or the quantity.

Perhaps you have heard yourself saying - I will start tomorrow or that’s it - I’m going on a diet or joining the gym - but know that perhaps you wont really.

Or perhaps you’ve seen yourself getting bigger, or your clothes getting tighter, or just not liking the way  you are seeing yourself.

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis program is the base program for the Weight Release / Healthy Lifestyle program.

The  Virtual  Gastric Banding  Hypnosis  Package   consists  of 4  sessions  which  can  be  either taken  individual  1:1  sessions with  me  in  the  office  or  online  or  can  be  done  in  scheduled  group  sessions, or  completed  with  friends/family.

Working  with  hypnosis  for  weight  loss,  bridges the  gap  between  what  you  want  to  achieve  consciously and  having  your  unconscious thoughts  aligned  to  what you  want  to  achieve.  Over  the  period  of  the  program  you  start  desiring  more  healthier  food  options, portion  control,  learn  to  listen  to  your  stomach/body  more  when  it  has had  enough  to  eat,  those previous  unhealthy  options  you  previously  desired  just seems  to  fall  away  and  weight  release becomes easy



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Kris. Weight Release Hypnotherapy

I've been going to Meagan for massage for approx 5-6 years (no one else can touch my feet!) and recently was involved in the Weight Release/Healthy Lifestyle Program. Wow! What an eye opener! Together with a clean eating plan I have lost 10 kilos in 9 weeks. I had no idea what to expect but this program helped me to recognise my bad eating and lifestyle habits. This program helped me to release bad past experiences and move forward. I now know how to live a healthy lifestyle. If your mind isn't healthy, your physical body can't be either. I can't thank Meagan enough! 

Emily. - Massage Therapy

I’ve been searching for a massage therapist for nearly 2 years since moving to Sydney from Chicago. After dozens of just so-so massages, I just happened to come across Meagan and she has been an absolute life saver! She listens to my body and can react in real time with whatever is going on with my muscles. Being a professional musician I have a lot of issues and needs from a massage therapist at Meagan is the best I’ve ever had. She has also worked with me on some anxiety issues which was very helpful during a stressful period of time. Recommend her 100% to anyone needing some healing hands! 

Betty - Massage / NLP combo

10 months ago I began searching for a massage therapist who also worked on energy lines and aligning the body. My hips were extremely sore from surfing and sports. I found Meagan’s advertisement and made an appointment.

After the first session I noticed a difference in how my body felt and how much the pain in my hips had reduced. I was so pleased with results which other therapist hadn’t been able to achieve.

Since then I see Meagan once a week and over this time my sessions have branched our from massage to massage incorporating coaching and counseling. This is perfect to maintain or adjust thoughts, beliefs and patterns. It is an hour of guided reflection with the bonus of sorting out my sore body.

Meagan has a wealth of knowledge to share and she genuinely cares for her clients. I am always impressed by her commitment to life long learning in area of expertise. Well worth a visit!

Rebecca - Kinesiology / Massage combo

Meagan is my secret weapon. I’ve been going to her for a number of years now for kinesiology and massage and I’m so grateful ! She is truly gifted and i can’t recommend her enough. Meagan is an amazing practitioner and I always come away feeling calm and balanced 

Monica - Hypnotherapy

Meagan is kind, insightful, funny, intuitive, clever, full of knowledge, understanding and generous with her time and talents. Thank you Meagan!💛⭐️ 

Emma - Kinesiology

Meagan’s insight and intuition are real gifts that will help with whatever challenges you are facing. The tools she provides are invaluable and transformative, and she will guide you to work through a range of issues. Working with Meagan has helped to completely change and unlock aspects of my own life - I highly recommend booking in with her.

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