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MEAGAN BAKER  - is a Bodywork Therapist, Kinesiologist & Professional Life Coach who takes a holistic approach to her work and encompassing the whole of her clients rather than just one aspect of them on their journey they are about to embark on whether you are coming for Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, Life Coaching or Reiki / Energy Healing.v


Meagan is passionate about life, lives a happy and fulfilling life doing exactly what she loves to do.  At a young age Meagan knew that she wanted a career in helping people, she would love to massage anyone who had aches and pains, or if they were sick or just not feeling great she wanted to help them heal.  From her own life of many ups and downs, she realized through her own journey of self discovery that she would make it her absolute goal to help as many people as she could to help them release pain and emotional baggage that holds people back, to a place of freedom, to help them recreate the life they want to be living.  Because of this desire to take care of the whole of the person not just the physical or emotional aspects, Meagan has spent many years studying a range of therapies so that she would be able to better serve her clients various needs - to help release the physical pain that may have been triggered from an emotional reaction or just the strong urge to reconnect with ones own spirit.  By addressing the Mind, Body & Soul, Meagan aims to help to bring about balance, so that her clients can feel great again and realign themselves with their spirit.

QUALIFICATIONS :  Diploma Remedial Massage, Cert IV Aromatherapy, Cert Shiatsu, Cert I & II Reiki, Cert Touch For Health (kinesiology), Cert IV Kinesiology, Cert EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Cert Life Coaching, Cert Holisitic Counselling, Diploma Transformational Life Coaching.

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society )    10403                 AKA ( Australian Kinesiology Association)   10044




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